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Data are awesome – [Approaching Data Journalism – Episode #0]

Since January 2012 I’m getting every day more interested in data journalism. What is data journalism? Paul Bradshaw, from Birmingham City University, in the “Data Journalism Handbook” tells: Both ‘data’ and ‘journalism’ are troublesome terms. Some people think of ‘data’ as any collection of numbers, most likely gathered on a spreadsheet. 20 years ago, that […]

Look at these job titles found on LinkedIn

IntaPeople, IT recruitment agency based in Cardiff, has published today the results of an interesting survey on job titles that people use in LinkedIn. I’m aware that “ninja” is pretty used when you want to say you’re a bad ass in doing that kind of stuff (even google uses it) but the other ones are […]

Gmelius: fix Gmail layout as you like (almost)

From the work of Florian Bersier, Gmelius is a cross-browser extension that modifies your Gmail layout. How? You just need to check and uncheck options from the settings page. I’ve just read a post on TechCrunch and wanted to try it out because I’m a Gmail enthusiast and one of its happy users. So I […]

My brand new book is out now: “Sopravvivere alle email”

Today my brand new book “Sopravvivere alle email, dal primo al milionesimo messaggio” (something like “Surviving email universe, from the first to the millionth message”) is available at Feltrinelli‘s, one of the most famous italian book store, in ebook format. It’s written in italian and it covers topics related to email: how does email work: […]

Template for creating effective value propositions

This is one of the strongest value proposition I’ve ever heard. People in the entrepreneurial world like angel investors, serial entrepreneurs and mostly those that are building startups, know the importance of having a great value proposition stated, for example, on the homepage of your company and business cards.