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3 Examples of Content Marketing That You Didn’t Realize Were Content Marketing

At its core, content marketing is a tool: growing awareness around a specific product or service by diluting and masking the advertising message attached to it. With that in mind, many types of content that you read, like, retweet or interact with on a daily basis are actually flawlessly-executed forms of content marketing implemented on […]

3 Steps To Selling Yourself As A Content Strategist

Acquiring a new client is pretty difficult. And if you’re talking with someone who doesn’t have any clue about your specific job, things can get really complicated. In this post, I outlined a 4-element scenario that many Content Strategists – like me – experience each time they’ve just connected to prospects and wish to close […]

What to Write in a Company Newsletter

You must have heard it dozens of times: direct email marketing has become old-fashioned and fails to attract customers, but those who manage to do it right will tell you a different story. Truth is bright corporate newsletter ideas will turn into powerful traffic generators and into sales, eventually. What makes direct email marketing work […]

The Best Way to Reach Customers is to Create Useful Content

When it comes to reaching more customers, there is no better way to do it than through some great “piece of content”. Words mean a lot when you need to share products information, promote your products and services or simply keep your audience engaged in a friendly conversation. To stress the importance of content strategy […]

Your Linkedin Profile Has Been Viewed Like Million Others. No Big Deal.

Some hours ago I received an email from Linkedin, the social network for professionals, saying that “You have one of the top 10% most viewed LinkedIn profiles for 2012!” and that it now counts 200 Million members. For the record, this last news was previously given at the beginning of this year, specifically in January.

Fix Your Email

Fix Your Email from Matteo Duò You presumably know I’m into emails. Let me explain: I’m curious on how some people manage their own time dealing with incoming email messages without feeling overwhelmed by a sea of requested replies. In other words, dealing with email is to me a very intriguing and puzzling daily activity […]

Simple Tip To Change Your Presentations. Forever.

[Image: ell brown] When you need to create a presentation, you have many things to think about and, generally speaking, they all can be arranged into 3 macro-elements: message (what you’re saying) understanding (what attendees would take from you) goal (what you wish to accomplish with your keynote) Creating memorable yet enjoyable presentations is more […]