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The massive list of websites with free photos and images for commercial and personal use you’ll ever need — regularly updated (currently: 68 websites listed)

What do bloggers, marketers, web designers, theme developers and web agency have in common? They all need visuals, so many visuals they’d cry of joy if they found a vast cave filled with such treasure. And try to think about how they’d feel if those pictures and photos were free (hearty eyes) and with free […]

6 Ways To Gather A Buttload Of Business Editorial Ideas That Work

You’ve read that a blog is one of the most effective tool to gather more attention towards your business but you’re discouraged because you don’t know what to write about. You lose faith in yourself because you come up with weak editorial ideas, which sound far from interesting, and you can’t start publishing right away. […]

Why Content Strategy, Content Marketing and SEO Are The Future For Small Businesses

Content Marketing is the new form of advertising for small businesses. Rather than creating ads that are shoved in the faces of consumers during commercial breaks, companies are now seeking to create value-added content that informs, entertains and drives traffic to their web presence. They call it branded content. Why businesses are focusing on such […]

Find The Best Editorial Ideas For Your Business

For a small business, having a strong editorial presence can really help boost visibility and sales numbers. But how do you use content to reach those goals? In this article, I dig into some of the best practices to develop an ongoing workflow of small business editorial ideas that could play a huge impact in […]

7 Hurdles You’re Undoubtedly Going to Face When Setting Up Your Content Marketing Strategy

When you are about to develop a content marketing strategy, you should first think on how you are going to overcome a bunch of challenges that often go hand in hand with it. Being aware of these major hiccups in content marketing will decrease the risk of failure for your business.

5 Effective Content Ideas to Start Your Business Blog’s Editorial Calendar

No matter whether you are a small business or a fast-growing corporation, blogging should be an important activity in your business. Krista Bunskoek, PR and Content Marketer at Wishpond, explains 4 key reasons why your business is unlikely to survive without blogging. Neil Patel, a well-established digital entrepreneur, recently published a clear infographic enlightening why […]

11 Crucial Aspects in Content Marketing You Need to Be Alerted Of Right Before 2014

When you try bond your business with content marketing you ought to take a few minutes to understand what needs to be done and what needs to be avoided to get results. In this post I collected 11 important things you’d better take into consideration if you’re just about to start your inbound marketing strategy […]

What to Write in a Company Newsletter

You must have heard it dozens of times: direct email marketing has become old-fashioned and fails to attract customers, but those who manage to do it right will tell you a different story. Truth is bright corporate newsletter ideas will turn into powerful traffic generators and into sales, eventually. What makes direct email marketing work […]

The Best Way to Reach Customers is to Create Useful Content

When it comes to reaching more customers, there is no better way to do it than through some great “piece of content”. Words mean a lot when you need to share products information, promote your products and services or simply keep your audience engaged in a friendly conversation. To stress the importance of content strategy […]

How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Content Strategy

No matter what size your business is, content strategy is your lucky tool for paving the way towards a better online presence and activity related to your company, especially if we’re talking about recently established small businesses. In her sessions during the last Content Strategy Summit, an online conference which gather many notable experts in […]