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All SEO Basics You Should Learn To Create Content For Your Website

“When you publish any content, be sure to have it optimized”. That’s the mantra-like statement everyone with a blog or website has been told. “Put your keyword in the title and spread it within the body of your post to be ranked on Google”. I don’t think so, I might add. Search Engine Optimization is […]

How The Focus Keyword Works On WordPress SEO By Yoast

If you have a website, there’s a high chance it’s built on WordPress because WordPress runs 4.5% of the entire internet and is used by more than 23.3% of the top 10 million websites, as of January 2015. And if you do, your choice for dealing with SEO issues and improvements has probably fallen between […]

The Complete Guide To Image Optimization

It’s no secret: if you want users to find it through search engines, each content you publish on the web needs to be optimized. That’s true for homepages, blog posts, product pages and for images too. Yes, image optimization can have a tremendous impact on the number of visitors and inbound links you could earn […]

How Curating A Monthly Digest Improved My Learning Process

You get newsletters from companies you’re interested in. You read blogs on growth hack, copywriting, conversion and onboarding new users. Then you browse through super-relevant topics and communities on Facebook groups you’re subscribed to, Growth Hackers, Inbound, Quora. Then, there’s Twitter. You’re overwhelmed in your daily life, you’re overwhelmed in your reading activity. So am […]

6 Ways To Gather A Buttload Of Business Editorial Ideas That Work

You’ve read that a blog is one of the most effective tool to gather more attention towards your business but you’re discouraged because you don’t know what to write about. You lose faith in yourself because you come up with weak editorial ideas, which sound far from interesting, and you can’t start publishing right away. […]

Is There Anything Like SEO Content?

People are all in with the importance of content for their business, whether it’s an e-commerce, a small agency or a startup. But content itself is half the journey: in order to reach more prospects and customers you need to create a strategy for your own content to balance efforts with results, or you may […]

Find The Best Editorial Ideas For Your Business

For a small business, having a strong editorial presence can really help boost visibility and sales numbers. But how do you use content to reach those goals? In this article, I dig into some of the best practices to develop an ongoing workflow of small business editorial ideas that could play a huge impact in […]

11 Crucial Aspects in Content Marketing You Need to Be Alerted Of Right Before 2014

When you try bond your business with content marketing you ought to take a few minutes to understand what needs to be done and what needs to be avoided to get results. In this post I collected 11 important things you’d better take into consideration if you’re just about to start your inbound marketing strategy […]

Gli italiani usano più lingue degli americani

Non preoccuparti! Questo non ha nulla a che fare con pornografia o materiale sessuale. E’ solo un titolo divertente per ottenere la tua attenzione e portarla su un white paper che ho letto di recente e che mi va di condividere con te. Pronto? Cominciamo! In che modo la gente fa le ricerche online? Greenlight, […]

Online Searching: Italians do it… multiple languages

Don’t worry! This has nothing to do with porn and sexual matherial. It’s just a fun headline to get your attention on a white paper that I’ve recently read and wante to share some of its contents with you. So, let’s start! How do people search online? London-based Greenlight, an independent digital marketing agency offering […]