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How Curating A Monthly Digest Improved My Learning Process

You get newsletters from companies you’re interested in. You read blogs on growth hack, copywriting, conversion and onboarding new users. Then you browse through super-relevant topics and communities on Facebook groups you’re subscribed to, Growth Hackers, Inbound, Quora. Then, there’s Twitter. You’re overwhelmed in your daily life, you’re overwhelmed in your reading activity. So am […]

Simple Tip To Change Your Presentations. Forever.

[Image: ell brown] When you need to create a presentation, you have many things to think about and, generally speaking, they all can be arranged into 3 macro-elements: message (what you’re saying) understanding (what attendees would take from you) goal (what you wish to accomplish with your keynote) Creating memorable yet enjoyable presentations is more […]

Words Create Value For Your Company

I’m going straight to the point, because there’s no room for anything but this: any company in the world needs to talk to its own customers. No matter whatever business it’s based on. Often those who run their own company forgot that customers are people, not stupid chimps, with feelings and a natural need to […]

Template for creating effective value propositions

This is one of the strongest value proposition I’ve ever heard. People in the entrepreneurial world like angel investors, serial entrepreneurs and mostly those that are building startups, know the importance of having a great value proposition stated, for example, on the homepage of your company and business cards.