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The Content Dispatch

The Content Dispatch

Focusing on content is the old-new key aspect in today’s entrepreneurial world: everyone is told to invest in content. Big companies, small businesses, solopreneurs and startups are all eager to learn every tactics on how to generate new leads and embark new (paying) customers every day.

But they continuously fail to see how content is good to them.

The problem here is they lack resources, both in timing and budget, for taking care of their content’s aspects, i.e. copywriting, headlines, blog posts, microcopy (= UI copy), social updates and almost anything that isn’t code.

I wanted to help, so I created The Content Dispatch, a curated, digestible and monthly-issued digest for those who want (and need) to get real with their content.

Fostering A Content-Focused Approach

The Content Dispatch collects the most useful, actionable and insightful resources on #Content Marketing, #Content Strategy, #SEO and #Growth Hacking to better help businesses, startups and entrepreneurs get results with content by showing them the best examples available.

The Content Dispatch isn’t just a list of links. It’s the result of daily researches, readings and knowledge all bundled in a curated format and delivered each month to its subscribers as a dispatch.

The key idea behind is simple: Fewer links but great and useful ones. Specifically, you’ll find different type of resources:

  • Best Practices, Tips And Tools
  • Ebooks and Guides
  • Stats, Numbers And Investments in Content

See it for yourself:
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