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The Content Dispatch #1

The Content Dispatch

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Tips, Tools & Best Practices

The Ideal Length Of Everything Online, Backed By Research

by Kevan Lee (Buffer)

Why read it: Kevan isn’t about just telling how to create written content. No, he shows you how to create, deeply evaluating different lengths and different kinds of formats that can be delivered online.

4 Essential Steps To Preparing Employees For Content Creation

by Rich McElaney (The Sales Lion)

Why read it: Nurturing an in-house culture and approach to content is one of the most undervalued technique to ensure a continuous improvement within the company. It’s never to late to start.

Hacker News, Techcrunch And Product Hunt: Which Is Most Effective To Launch Your Product?

by Mathilde Collin (Front)

Why read it: Launching a new product is the crucial moment in a business and content (read: landing pages, blog posts, updates, emails, etc.) is the priority. Choosing whether to submit your product to a famous website like TechCrunch, spending time writing guest-posts, or paying PRs is always a matter of making the most of our resources.

Guides & Ebooks

Distributing Content Marketing

by Iris Shoor (Startup Moon)

Why read it: Creating great content is only half the job: you need people to get to it and “experience” it. But how can you deliver your content toward those who are willing to listen? You need to valuate several option, all of which relate to your business and product. SEO, small communities, Reddit, even Wikipedia pages can all play a key role within your strategy.

Content Marketing For Startups [direct link]

by Jay Acunzo

Why read it: This guide provides entrepreneurs with everything they need to know about getting off to “the best possible start with content marketing”. It’s a compelling and precise step-by-step process that explain the key elements and aspects on how to start with content marketing, together with examples.

Numbers In Content Industry

The $100M Quarter: Why Deals Are Flowing Into Content Marketing

by Shafqat Islam (NewsCred)

Why read it: A keen post on how the current state of Content Marketing, counting big money during the latest quarter, is crowded with companies that are fighting over the same areas (workflow, creation, curation, publishing, analytics) to win new customers. The question is: how manay of these company are going to make it in the near future?

B2B Content Makerting [direct link]

by Content Marketing Institute

Why read it: Get an in-depth view about B2B Content Marketing with benchmarks, budgets, 2014 and Trends related to North America.

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