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The Content Dispatch #2

The Content Dispatch

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Tips, Tools & Best Practices

How To Boost Conversions by 529% in 45-Minutes (Two Step-By-Step Case Studies)

by Brian Dean (Backlinko)

Why read it: Have you ever heard of the Content Upgrade technique? In this post, Brian explains how to boost the conversion percentage on your blog/website by adding “something” really valuable to your readers. Learn what’s a Content Upgrade and see real examples on how to implement that.

Shortening Your Time to WOW

by Appcues

Why read it: As it’s already pretty clear by its name, the “WOW Moment” is when your user goes “Wow, love it!” referring to your product. But it’s hard creating such a feeling into new users, mostly because of their small attention span. In this post you’ll find 4 concrete ways that popular companies use to anticipate the appearance of the WOW Moment, lowering the % of dropoffs.

A Complete Process for Developing a Content Style Guide

by Nic Evans (GatherContent)

Why read it:  Nic gives all the important details about how to create a style guide for your content. Why would I need one (you might ask)? Because a content strategy without consistency is weak and ineffective, aka you’re squandering your money. And you don’t want to do that, right?

Guides & Ebooks

Content Marketing Done Right

by Curata

Why read it: For many businesses, it’s hard to satisfy the need of fresh content because their budgets are tight and struggle to produce new content consistently. That’s when content curation comes into play as a key aspect within many companies’ content strategy.

Masters Of The Ebook

by Kapost

Why read it: Ebooks are one of the most effective “tools” companies have to trade in order to get people’s email and start communicating with them. Top 10s, cheatsheets, interviews, etc. are the perfect fit for such type of content. Learning how to get really good in creating great ebooks could turn into a powerful asset for you/your company and Kapost gives us specific tips on how to master this “art”.

Numbers In Content Industry

State of Content Marketing 2014 [PDF link]

by Joe Lazauskas (Contently)

Why read it: Numbers are fascinating to me, and when you add context to them you get an incredible value: perspective. And in this ebook you’ll see how things are going within the Content world.

16 B2B Content Marketing Stats You Need to Know Today

by Ally G. (

Why read it: Ally sums up in one single post the most important numbers, stats and findings from the latest “The 2014 Benchmark Report on B2B Content Marketing and Lead Generation”, a report by Jeff Zabin, CEO of Starfleet Media.

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