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I'm Matteo Duò, Content Strategist and Digital Consultant.

I help WordPress plugin developers generate more leads, new paying users, and improve conversions with data-driven Marketing services.

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Every tactic, “hack”, and ultimate tip I’ve tried in my life helped me understand the power of Content.

I provide WordPress entrepreneurs, start-ups, and businesses with the right words to spread their own message and turn users into customers. I can help you convey a unique and effective content strategy among different channels and platforms and more.

Brian Lee Jackson, Co-founder of Forgemedia, former CMO at Kinsta

Brian Jackson
Co-founder at Forgemedia, former CMO at Kinsta

Ensure the success of your marketing campaigns:

“Matteo is an incredible hard worker, very organized, and proactive in terms of unveiling new opportunities for growth to ensure the success of your company.

His solid experience and thorough approach to marketing were extremely helpful when it came to our content marketing efforts. Deadlines were set and met.”

Mitchell Callahan, Founder of SAU/CAL

Mitchell Callahan
Co-Founder at SAU/CAL

Take your content strategy to the next level:

“For guys like me, who have knowledge to share but sometimes have challenges communicating, Matteo is your ultimate Content Specialist!

If you need help taking your content strategy to the next level and don’t know where to start, Matteo is your go-to guy!”

Raleigh Leslie, Partnerships at Codeable

Raleigh Leslie
Partnerships at Codeable

Matteo’s work has played a critical role in growing Codeable:

“Matteo is able to run with any ideas or loosely defined requests and deliver a complete solution. He has compelling writing and editing skills, a strong dedication to quality, and he’s always looking to do even better.

His work with content and beyond has played a critical role in growing Codeable to where it is today.”

Marius Vetrici, General Manager & Founder at WPRiders

Marius Vetrici
General Manager & Founder at WPRiders

Invaluable insights for targeting the right buyer persona:

“Matteo started helping me identify the target persona to outline the key aspects upon which we’d develop our content. The entire content creation process was sooo much easy!

Matteo provided me with invaluable feedback on content, structure, and other details that helped me craft the perfect articles for our target audience consistently.”

More Leads, New Paying Customers, Optimized Funnels = 💰

Are you interested in growing your WordPress plugin?

Clients have worked with me to:

  • Prioritize their Marketing plan and activities
  • Implement a strong Content Strategy to acquire new paying users
  • Grow their WordPress business organically with a data-informed approach to Marketing
  • Receive editorial feedback on their content
  • Get more leads with Content Marketing

To have a successful project, we need to define the situation you're experiencing and the outcome you're looking for.

That's why, the first step we always take is a pre-discovery session — completely for free — so I can better understand your situation.

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