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How To Never Lose Blog Post Ideas

Do you know what is the single and hardest thing that prevent you to publish a new blog post? It’s not time, nor your business agenda. It’s keeping track effectively of all your ideas and resources as soon as you get acquainted to. Let me explain. You want to publish a terrific blog post in […]

How To Get The New Gmail’s Tabbed Inbox

Last week, Google launched a new UI for its webmail service Gmail. The main goal is to get us, Gmail users, ahead of the daily overload from work or private emails, social updates, Twitter and Facebook notifications, mailing lists we’re subscribed to and the like. The new version of Gmail’s inbox, as you can read […]

Fix Your Email

Fix Your Email from Matteo Duò You presumably know I’m into emails. Let me explain: I’m curious on how some people manage their own time dealing with incoming email messages without feeling overwhelmed by a sea of requested replies. In other words, dealing with email is to me a very intriguing and puzzling daily activity […]

How To Find MyTemplate Folder In iWork [Mac OS X Lion Tip]

I’m quite an enthusiast Pages user, the word processor app made by Apple and bundled into his office softwares iWork. Specifically I use iWork ’09 on my MacBook Pro 15″ running Lion. I use a lot of custom template that can help me with my copywriting job: I’ve created several template for whitepapers, one for […]

Work At Home: Small But Powerful Factors That Can Improve Your Productivity [Guest Post]

[Image: puresolitude] Working from home is pretty difficult, even if your friends in a “regular” company are saying quite the opposite. They simply don’t know. If you’re a freelance and self-employed professional, you need to embrace rules and stick with them to accomplish tasks in your workday because you have to learn to avoid those […]

Scrivere In Rete, Rimanendo Produttivi: 7 Cose A Cui Prestare Attenzione [Guest Post]

[foto: owenwbrown] Scrivere e gestire in maniera continuativa un proprio spazio in Rete, non è facile. Servono idee, è necessario sapere scrivere e comunicare in maniera comprensibile ai lettori quello che si ha in testa e, soprattutto, occorre pianificare il tempo da dedicare alla creazione dei proprio contenuti. Ho chiesto a Francesco Gavello, Consulente e […]

How To Write On The Web Without Burning Your Productivity: 7 Things You Need To Know [Guest Post]

[Image: owenwbrown] This following is a guest post from Francesco Gavello, Web and Social Media Consultant, and personal friend, that will tell you about his direct writing experience and offer you such useful things you should pay attention when creating your online presence through blogs or websites. In this post, Francesco explains seven key points he […]

Starred To-do: how to manage your most important tasks with Gmail and Google Calendar without overloading your inbox

Using your inbox as a to-do list, that is, as a list in which you note things that need to be done, is not always a good idea. The reason? You’ll find yourself having to manage an additional amount of emails that could “overload” your productivity. There are plenty of software and online tools that […]