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5 Steps To Making Your Content Marketing Strategy A Blast

When you launch a content marketing campaign, how do you ensure it works strategically and effectively? Even the best strategy can bring you to a dead end and resolve as a waste of time and money if you don’t pay attention to core elements. This has always been the key aspect many are concerned when […]

The Key Distinction Between Content Strategy and Content Marketing

What’s the difference between Content Strategy and Content Marketing? Is there any peculiar aspect which is featured just by one of the two? Or it’s just a matter of naming activities all related to content? Defining such concepts gives you the correct idea of how these business disciplines relate one another and, most importantly, how […]

Content Strategy: A Definition For Non-Content Strategist Business Owners

Content Strategy is hot in today’s business world. No matter what market you’re looking at: business owners are told they need a Content Strategist, someone who can help them communicate in the long run with their overwhelmed customers. Problem is, this content strategy “discipline” is quite new for average entrepreneurs, thus they mistakenly have in […]

Fix Your Email

Fix Your Email from Matteo Duò You presumably know I’m into emails. Let me explain: I’m curious on how some people manage their own time dealing with incoming email messages without feeling overwhelmed by a sea of requested replies. In other words, dealing with email is to me a very intriguing and puzzling daily activity […]

How Storytelling Affects Human Brain

[Image: Qmanji] I can’t imagine anything as powerful as storytelling, a way of telling stories and anecdotes in real life that gather emotions, images and informative content all together in a peculiar way. Storytelling in recent years has become one of the mostly used format for advertising and communications agency to attract new customers (or […]

Words Create Value For Your Company

I’m going straight to the point, because there’s no room for anything but this: any company in the world needs to talk to its own customers. No matter whatever business it’s based on. Often those who run their own company forgot that customers are people, not stupid chimps, with feelings and a natural need to […]

Letter “J” In My Email: What Is It?

[Image:] You’ve just received an email to your Inbox and you’re about to read it. You reach the end of the email and you see something like: “Thank You J”. Why did the sender write a “J” just after saying thank you? Sure, you continue living you’re life but then you receive another email, then […]

Cosa Deve Avere Una Email Per Comunicare In Maniera Efficace Il Proprio Messaggio? [Guest Post su]

Scrivere una email è un’azione che non è più soltanto per dirigenti d’azienda o smanettoni geek. L’email è il paradigma lavorativo delle aziende, è lo scambio di informazioni tra amici. Più in generale, l’email è lo strumento di comunicazione non verbale più diffuso al mondo. Saper scrivere significa saper ragionare in maniera lineare e chiara o, […]

The Most Vivid Argument To Say “Press Releases Suck”

[Image: Pickersgill Reef] It doesn’t matter if you work as a copywriter, a marketer or whatever. Press releases are the most horrifying issues created by men. Marketers, to be precise. I can’t stand them in any possible way because they convey a useless package of information that has been sent to thousands of others. Why […]