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Find The Best Editorial Ideas For Your Business

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Spring Madness: “Empower Your Gmail” at $0.99 (For 70 Hours Only)

After cold days, grey skies and shorter daylights, Spring is about to come and I'd like to celebrate it with all people. Actually not everyone, but with those Gmail maniacs out there (like me), who may find this news pretty interesting: I'm dropping … [Read more]

3 Steps To Selling Yourself As A Content Strategist

Acquiring a new client is pretty difficult. And if you're talking with someone who doesn't have any clue about your specific job, things can get really complicated. In this post, I outlined a 4-element scenario that many Content Strategists - like me … [Read more]

7 Hurdles You’re Undoubtedly Going to Face When Setting Up Your Content Marketing Strategy

When you are about to develop a content marketing strategy, you should first think on how you are going to overcome a bunch of challenges that often go hand in hand with it. Being aware of these major hiccups in content marketing will decrease the … [Read more]