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11 Crucial Aspects in Content Marketing You Need to Be Alerted Of Right Before 2014

11 Crucial Aspects in Content Marketing You Need to Be Alerted Before 2014

When you try bond your business with content marketing you ought to take a few minutes to understand what needs to be done and what needs to be avoided to get results. In this post I collected 11 important things you’d better take into consideration if you’re just about to start your inbound marketing strategy (2014 is just around the corner).

The following list outlines those core aspects which are essential to any content creation effort you’re about to begin. Are you eager to know more about them? Let’s start!

1. Determine Your Content Marketing Goals

As it often happens, businesses create content without any particular goal in mind. Whatever piece of content you are about to write, you should always remember what goals you are trying to achieve, be it retaining existing customers or looking for new ones. Depending on your needs, craft your custom content marketing strategy and implement it properly.

2. Tell A Story

In today’s marketing world, the last thing people need is yet another portion of marketing messages about your business. Everyone loves stories – compelling, impressive and worth-telling. If you really want to get desired attention, there is no way for you to imitate other brands. Here is a good example of study on How Your Race Affects The Messages You Get that illustrates how company keeps readers impressed. The post was so widely commented and shared that it once again proves how effective storytelling is when you need to market yourself.

3. Live Your Story

Do not just write a story – live it and make your readers live it. Make your readers believe you do feel passionate about what you do and that you are going to ignite their businesses with this power. Show your audience how much you care about their needs and problems they may have. Putting yourself in your customer’s shoes is the only way to get trust and build solid reputation for your business.

4. Show The Best of Your Brand

How much do you care about your brand? Let others see it. Do not tell them you think your product or service will make a change – show them how exactly you are going to make this happen. Let your content display it and make sure readers understand it.

5. Start by Focusing On Your Readers

Today’s reader is much more willing to join the conversation and be heard than a few years ago. When you write your content, stop focusing on your brand only – make your posts interactive and entertaining. Rather than speaking non-stop about your brand values, see what your audience is willing to talk about and is interested about.

6. Don’t Write Content Only For Search Engines

When you get down to writing you may care only about how people will look for you, but you forget that after they find you, they will leave if they find no relevant information to their research. Avoid keyword stuffed sentences that sound unnatural and scare readers away. Of course, including keywords is important – just make sure a your content offers value to anyone who reads it.

7. Create Powerful Headlines

Internet community now offers tons of content for free, which means you have only one chance to make a positive first impression. As the very first thing everyone finds immediately is a headline, no matter how good your article is, it won’t be even read unless the heading compels to do the opposite. Learn how to craft perfect attention-grabbing headlines and try to improve your writing style to gather more and more readers.

8. Structure Your Content Properly

We live in a world where no one feels excited about being bombarded with tons of messages. That’s why, when you get down to writing, you should structure your content in a way it looks easier to read and scan. Divide your text into short paragraphs, written in short and clean sentences. The use of bulleted lists will help your readers scan your text even more easily and understand your message clearly.

9. Accompany Words With Graphics

Words are a powerful weapon, but their impact on human minds is even greater once they are paired with apt and creative images. People tend to grab information better when they see a nice picture illustrating what has been said and they’re more likely to share what they just seen.

10. Don’t Create Content Without Sharing it

Whatever piece of content you are about to publish, you cannot spread the word about it until you use additional resources to promote it. Those who fail to promote their content make a huge mistake and thus waste their investments and efforts from the very beginning. Online environment is full of diverse content distribution ways to get your message heard. The major channels you need to include within your strategy are the following: Facebook, Twitter, Slideshare, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. As competition is extremely severe these days, make sure you write content that has a lot to tell and compels readers to discuss it, agree or disagree with it, and “learn” something more about your business.

11. Don’t Be Pessimistic About The Results

Once you invest your time, money and efforts into starting a content marketing campaign, try not to expect poor results. The more you expect your content to succeed, the higher chances are it will. In order to win your audience, you need to truly believe in the effectiveness of your strategies and approaches. In fact, as findings suggest, custom content is 92% more effective than traditional TV ads at boosting awareness and 168% more effective at making sales. The only thing that is going to make your content strategy work is crafting the perfect type of content your readers need, this they’re likely to look for when they come to your website.

What’s now? Planning to manage your content marketing for 2014? As a passionate content strategist, it would be a pleasure for me to fuel your business with my effective content marketing approach. Contact me now and let me know what you need.

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