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5 Effective Content Ideas to Start Your Business Blog’s Editorial Calendar

5 effective content ideas for business blog

No matter whether you are a small business or a fast-growing corporation, blogging should be an important activity in your business. Krista Bunskoek, PR and Content Marketer at Wishpond, explains 4 key reasons why your business is unlikely to survive without blogging. Neil Patel, a well-established digital entrepreneur, recently published a clear infographic enlightening why every business (read again: “EVERY”) should blog.

Blogging may seem a daunting activity, mostly because it’s hard to find a flow of regular, fresh and useful content to populate your blog with. That’s why I put together what I consider the most immediate yet great type of content ideas you should definitely consider when you’re about to start your business blog as part of your content marketing strategy.

1. Corporate News

Your corporate announcements and some breaking news from your customers or partners may be a perfect story to share. Tell people more about your vision, your goals and strategic objectives you’d want to achieve. Share the way you’re crafting your daily workflow by showing how you (and your co-workers and colleagues) overcame problems; talk about those tools you and your team use to get things done. And mostly don’t forget new products, discounted prices and everything that has to do with your “real” business.

2. Hot Industry Buzz and Content Curation

One of the most widely used corporate blog ideas is dwelling upon some hot industry trends, issues, or news. For example, if your company operates within IT industry, you may want to research cloud-based applications and agile software development methodologies as great topics to blog about. Make an effort at the beginning an remember to create an always up-to-date way to collect all relevant news and information relevant to your market: Google Alert, RSS, email subscription, etc. Choose what you think it might be a good fit for your daily news research and stick with it.

3. Conference Summaries and Events

In search of fresh ideas, you may as well link your business to important events in your industry. Let’s say you are planning to visit or participate to a specific workshop, so start by writing about what you expect to see and find out there on you blog; collect links from speakers and their presentation on a dedicated page. Then, after the conference is over, sum it up with your conclusions and findings, or an brief interview of key professionals you met. You could also live tweet while still attending the event or share your thoughts on your Social profile using a specific hashtag.

Want to do more? Think about sponsoring some events, better if local and relevant to your product or service, and invite some bloggers to create buzz around your business.

4. Information in Statistics

Providing certain industry studies and statistics is a perfect tool for sharing some results and numbers you find interesting. Think also about creating infographics that will undoubtedly increase the virality rate of your content. But don’t stop just here: accompany facts with your opinions and suggestions to let your readers see how you analyze data and offer breaking solutions.

5. How-to’s and Useful Contents

People look for some easy-to-follow steps to accomplish tasks and useful content is still the best way to grab their attention. Nobody knows your product and service better than you do, so share your knowledge with others and let them see how you product/service could improve their life, or help get them things done. If your product/service targets a very small niche of customers, write about how it can be used together with another (better known) product/service.


It’s always the right time to start blogging. It’s easier than you might think: you just need to set what you’d like to achieve as business goals and set a strategy for your content to get you closer every day to them. Even tough the above-mentioned hints can sound “basic”, they’re the key bricks of information upon which building a compelling blog. And if you like to take a further step by your own, this post on corporate blog ideas from HubSpot could help you out, even though it’s from a while ago.

Are you looking for more specific ideas or need help to create the right “content” for your company? Contact me and let me know more about it.

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