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How Curating A Monthly Digest Improved My Learning Process

Still learning

You get newsletters from companies you’re interested in. You read blogs on growth hack, copywriting, conversion and onboarding new users. Then you browse through super-relevant topics and communities on Facebook groups you’re subscribed to, Growth Hackers, Inbound, Quora. Then, there’s Twitter.

You’re overwhelmed in your daily life, you’re overwhelmed in your reading activity.
So am I.

Curating Is The Cure To Being Overwhelmed

The key problem is: how can you learn new things from so many resources in an effective way (and limited time)? The trick to learn at least one new thing every time you set some hours to browse through your feeds, tweets, etc., is to subtract rather than add. Take something out instead of adding new stuff to improve your knowledge.
I like John Maeda‘s quote which reads as:

Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.

To me the “obvious” is the noise I repeatedly get each time I dig into my resources to get me better at my job. I’m not saying I know everything, of course. I’m saying I don’t see as a smart move reading 10+ blog posts that all cover the same topic.

Try to make this your habit: clean out, update, refine the list of resources you’re spending time on to get better at your job on a weekly basis and decrease the noise within your improvement process.

Curating Improves Your Knowledge Effectively

Moz blog, Copyblogger, CMI, Search Engine Land, Buffer Blog, set the quality standards for me. So each time I see, for example, a tweet from them I’m sure it’d something worth reading. The content these companies have been producing and delivering throughout the years are great and by reading them, I learned a lot. And I had the chance to do improve my knowledge in a limited time, since they all cover many aspects I’m interested in.

So you’re saying you have just 5 resources to learn from? Someone might say.
No, of course. Every day many insightful piece of contents are produced by people and companies I never heard of and I’m happy when I found something new and great. But that’s not the point here. Researching for new “point of view” is vital to being better at what you do. But as important as this, there’s the real value your list of resources can give you in a limited time, which is not losing hours browsing around and learn nothing new.

Curating Is Nurturing (And Helping) Your Professional Community

When you read a lot of topics about your specific area to get better each time a little more, you read blogs, you participate to discussions, you comment, you reply.
In a way, you feel part of a community of professionals who gather 24/7 online. And this feeling surfaces even if you never met any of them in real person. As a community member you’d want to do your part of helping your community and this is why I decided to create a monthly curated digest about leveraging content at best called The Content Dispatch.

My Curated Newsletter: The Content Dispatch

The Content Dispatch is not yet another newsletter about content marketing. It’s my part in showing to businesses how content is strictly related to improve their sales numbers, downloads, reach new users, and so on all by providing exclusively the best resources that have juicy contents related to Content Marketing, Content Strategy, SEO and Growth Hacking. Some examples will show what I mean, when I say “juicy” contents.

Some contents that have been featured on The Content Dispatch:

  • Hacker News, Techcrunch And Product Hunt: Which Is Most Effective To Launch Your Product? by Mathilde Collin (Front) from TCD #1
  • Content Marketing For Startups by Jay Acunzo from TCD #1
  • State of Content Marketing 2014 by Joe Lazauskas (Contently) from TCD #2
  • How To Boost Conversions by 529% in 45-Minutes (Two Step-By-Step Case Studies) by Brian Dean (Backlinko) from TCD #2

See what I mean? These are great resources to learn from and people I featured in are happy and thankful:

Kevan Lee from Buffer

Kevan Lee on TCD

Ally Greer from

Alice from FrontApp


Every month I now have to publish a new dispatch on my blog and deliver it to those who subscribed. This small monthly goal, made me discover such amazing contents and blogs that really improved my knowledge in relevant topics. Since the first issue, my reading experience has changed: now, while I browse and read through interesting contents, I save them in different locations, keeping in mind that only the best content that provide useful insights about leveraging content will be part of the next dispatch.

So, if you’d like to get really useful and actionable tips on Growth Hacking, Content Marketing, Content Strategy and SEO, subscribe to The Content Dispatch immediately.

Issue #3 is going to ship in days, don’t miss the chance to learn from the best ones only!

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