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Is There Anything Like SEO Content?

Is there anything like SEO content?

People are all in with the importance of content for their business, whether it’s an e-commerce, a small agency or a startup. But content itself is half the journey: in order to reach more prospects and customers you need to create a strategy for your own content to balance efforts with results, or you may end up squandering all of your budget in 1 month.

Part of a well-structured content strategy is to widen your reach by positioning your content pages on higher positions over the result pages (aka SERPs), or what is technically called doing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) on content. Even if it’s pretty technical, the notion of SEO sounds easy to grasp at least in its core and inadequate idea to many who think of SEO the same as filling a text with as many as possible keywords “allowed by Google” and get the 1st page.

SEO isn’t anything like this, and has never been such a short-visioned practice. But this widespread assumption entails a deeper question many people, and some professional as well, keep asking: when talking about SEO, is there any difference between SEO content and standard SEO?

To find an exhaustive and clear answer to the above question, let me start by outlining what SEO and anything called SEO content aren’t in 2014.

What SEO Content Isn’t Anymore

  • Keyword-stuffed metatags and meta descriptions
  • High density keywords in headings
  • Same anchor text over and over
  • Flat and redundant copy, with no value for users
  • Long list of tags with keywords and keyphrases

Remember when Google and all other search engines were much less mature and you could trick them? It was a little time, compared to evolution of their logarithms. What matters here is that search engines have been evolving ever since and these paths almost are useless.

What SEO Content Is Up To in 2014

  • Useful and super-relevant content for specific users (fix an issue, help user buy your product, etc.)
  • Content that is highly sharable (emotional and motivational, quick and super-easy fix, infographics are all great examples)
  • Premium/professional and long-form content, which aims to get inbound links
  • User experience and mobile-ready are key aspects to better ranking

Beyond keyword-stuffing, SEO is now a wider discipline that needs to count for many elements, all of which by having target users (aka buyer personas) playing the role of main characters and provide them with what they really searched for.

SEO Content Is Just Modern SEO

To me there’s nothing like SEO content and standard SEO because SEO is always towards a piece of content, whether it’s a landing page, a video or a single post. Every chunk of online content ought to be published by opting for a quality-over-quantity approach, with a high level of readability, and most importantly as a part of a content strategy developed with target users in mind.

SEO content, Content SEO, Modern SEO, or “just” SEO all refer to this new approach by focusing on taking care of your own content in order to get noticed online, spread brand awareness through Social Media and reach actual customers eventually. And that’s nothing more than what Content Marketing aims at.

[Image: Colin Kinner]

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