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The Best Way to Reach Customers is to Create Useful Content

When it comes to reaching more customers, there is no better way to do it than through some great “piece of content”. Words mean a lot when you need to share products information, promote your products and services or simply keep your audience engaged in a friendly conversation. To stress the importance of content strategy […]

A Collection of Gmail Plugins and Extensions For Those Really Into Gmail [Kindle ebook]

I did it! Finally “Empower Your Gmail”, my latest Kindle ebook, is out and is going pretty well because people find it useful, straightforward and “actionable” that’s to say they can test their “empowerment” as they start reading the book. I’m happy because this is my very first publication in English and haven’t received any […]

How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Content Strategy

No matter what size your business is, content strategy is your lucky tool for paving the way towards a better online presence and activity related to your company, especially if we’re talking about recently established small businesses. In her sessions during the last Content Strategy Summit, an online conference which gather many notable experts in […]

The Key Distinction Between Content Strategy and Content Marketing

What’s the difference between Content Strategy and Content Marketing? Is there any peculiar aspect which is featured just by one of the two? Or it’s just a matter of naming activities all related to content? Defining such concepts gives you the correct idea of how these business disciplines relate one another and, most importantly, how […]

A Content Strategy Based Only On WordPress: Stephanie Leary’s Keynote at WCSF 2013

Content Strategy is a key elment for those businesses which want to last by focusing their effort in creating a content flow. In this video, Stephanie Leary, writer and WordPress consultant, explains how to GET to a content strategy and satisfy all the 5 steps it’s based on: 1. evaluate, 2. analyze, 3. structure, 4. […]

Content Strategy: A Definition For Non-Content Strategist Business Owners

Content Strategy is hot in today’s business world. No matter what market you’re looking at: business owners are told they need a Content Strategist, someone who can help them communicate in the long run with their overwhelmed customers. Problem is, this content strategy “discipline” is quite new for average entrepreneurs, thus they mistakenly have in […]

How To Get The New Gmail’s Tabbed Inbox

Last week, Google launched a new UI for its webmail service Gmail. The main goal is to get us, Gmail users, ahead of the daily overload from work or private emails, social updates, Twitter and Facebook notifications, mailing lists we’re subscribed to and the like. The new version of Gmail’s inbox, as you can read […]

Your Linkedin Profile Has Been Viewed Like Million Others. No Big Deal.

Some hours ago I received an email from Linkedin, the social network for professionals, saying that “You have one of the top 10% most viewed LinkedIn profiles for 2012!” and that it now counts 200 Million members. For the record, this last news was previously given at the beginning of this year, specifically in January.

Fix Your Email

Fix Your Email from Matteo Duò You presumably know I’m into emails. Let me explain: I’m curious on how some people manage their own time dealing with incoming email messages without feeling overwhelmed by a sea of requested replies. In other words, dealing with email is to me a very intriguing and puzzling daily activity […]